Where to buy Adidas Karlie Kloss Trainer XX92 shoes? Price, release date and more details explored

29-year-old American supermodel Karlie Kloss has teamed up with German athletics giant Adidas to give the brand’s much-admired XX92 silhouette a makeover. After launching the “Black” and “White” versions, Karlie has now upgraded the sneakers with minimal “Wonder Mauve” makeup.

The soon to be released “Wonder Mauve/Black” version of the Adidas Karlie Kloss Trainer XX92 shoes is scheduled to release on Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 07:00 GMT. These shoes will be readily available for purchase on the Adidas e-commerce site. Priced at $90 each, the pairs are made with a quirky and curious style, courtesy of Karlie Kloss.

The Adidas Karlie Kloss Trainer XX92 shoes are the unique and personal creations of Karlie

Take a look at the Wonder Mauve colorway of the Adidas Karlie Kloss Trainer XX92 shoes (Image via Adidas)
Take a look at the Wonder Mauve colorway of the Adidas Karlie Kloss Trainer XX92 shoes (Image via Adidas)

Earlier this year, Karlie Kloss and Adidas launched their Summer Spring 2022 sportswear collection. The two worked perfectly for a 17-piece clothing line, which debuted on May 17. The range has also released a new version of the X9000 silhouette, which has been revamped by Kloss.

Taking a leap forward to strengthen their bond, the duo will now release the Adidas Karlie Kloss Trainer XX92. Here’s what Adidas wrote about their collaboration with Karlie Kloss:

“Karlie Kloss brings together three of her passions to create something special for her new SS22 collection. With fashion, sport and technology at heart, we are greeted with a truly unique and personal creation.

Highlighting its association with the top model, the brand’s website states:


The two-tone uppers of the new XX92 sneakers feature the namesake colors “Wonder Mauve” and “Core Black”. The upper is fully wrapped in purple textile. The textiles used to make the sneakers are in line with Adidas’ stance on sustainable lifestyle and fashion. They are made from recycled cotton and polyester knits.

The description of the upcoming Adidas Karlie Kloss Trainer on the official Adidas webpage reads as follows:

“Every day brings something new. Embrace it all in these Adidas x Karlie Kloss shoes. The versatile silhouette takes you from the gym to outing with friends without missing a beat. The breathable upper has a comfortable knit collar and rests on a platform outsole for added stability and style.

The shank tips are topped with a black synthetic outsole component. Undoubtedly, the chunky black platform soles are the most striking elements of the sneakers.

The eyelets are fashioned with similar textiles and paired nicely with similar tabs. Towards the collars, these tabs are adorned with co-branded tabs featuring Adidas’ iconic trefoil logo as well as “Karlie Kloss” lettering.

Along with this, black linings are used to highlight the collars right next to the mauve interiors. These purple insole liners are complemented by black insoles that complete the insole. These insoles are stamped with Karlie Kloss typography and the heel counters also sport black synthetic elements that finalize the aesthetic of the upper. Ultimately, for the base, an all-black textured platform sole was used.

Set your reminder on the Adidas webpage for the upcoming release of the Adidas Karlie Kloss Trainer XX92 “Wonder Mauve” shoes. They will be sold at the fixed price of $90 a pair and can be easily picked up on the brand’s shopping site.

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