Rush to register for e-commerce permits when the deadline expires

The Department of Commerce witnessed a last-minute rush of individuals and businesses to apply for e-commerce licenses as an extended deadline passed on Sunday, according to the department.

A statement from the ministry said that with an overwhelming number of sellers, individuals and businesses flocking to the Ministry of Commerce to apply for permits or licenses for e-commerce businesses, the ministry decided to extend the deadline.

Business owners are required to choose numbers and wait their turn to submit applications to the Business Registration Department of the General Department of Business Services or the Department of Commerce of the province where their business is located during working hours, the ministry said.

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People who operate e-commerce businesses without a license issued by the Ministry of Commerce will be subject to fines or penalties according to the e-commerce law, he said.

Chan Veasna, managing director of local tax consultancy APV Cambodia, said Khmer time that registering e-commerce businesses would allow the Department of Commerce to identify specific merchants selling their products or services to consumers who need protection and also protect existing legal businesses in the system.

“There is no mechanism to regulate companies that do not pay taxes or import inappropriate products for sale. So after registration, the ministry will have specific information about traders or companies like owners and their locations. For example, the government can identify which suppliers will be responsible for any issues and which factory supplied them with the products,” Veasna said.

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