Nestlé boosts its sustainable packaging momentum with new Starbucks At Home capsules

Nestlé has announced that Starbucks At Home by Nespresso coffee capsules are now made from 80% recycled aluminum, a first for the range. The move is designed to help Nestlé achieve its 2025 ambition to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable.

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Aluminum is one of the most recycled materials in the world. Nestlé claims that the benefit of using recycled aluminum is related to the amount of energy saved in aluminum production and that it is well suited to the circular economy.

Nicole Roos, Commercial Director for Beverages at Nestlé East and Southern Africa Region, explains: “With every material we use to produce the capsules, we are committed to ensuring that none of our packaging ends up in landfill or as litter. and aim to minimize the impact of our packaging on the environment.

“This includes promoting an adequate recycling infrastructure for coffee capsules, regardless of the material used. In addition, aluminum can be remelted and reused over and over again, giving it a second life.

Preserve freshness, aromas

Recycled aluminum comes from a variety of sources, including post-consumer waste as well as scrap recovered during production processes.

Using 80% recycled aluminum is not only better for the environment, but aluminum is also one of the best materials for locking in freshness and protecting coffee flavor, notes Nestlé, adding that it offers an exceptional barrier to oxygen, light and moisture and is therefore an excellent choice for preserving volatile aromas and freshness for a long time.

“By using 80% recycled aluminum, we demonstrate the recyclability of aluminum and want to encourage our consumers to recycle their aluminum capsules. When you recycle Starbucks At Home by Nespresso coffee capsules, you are also helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your cup of coffee.

“This is a key aspect of the Nestlé ESAR RE initiative which focuses on three key pillars Rethink, Reduce and Reorient to address sustainability issues,” concludes Roos.

The Starbucks At Home by Nespresso range is available at select stores including Checkers, Pick n Pay, Spar and Makro, as well as online platforms such as Takealot, Checkers Sixty60 and Pick n Pay Online.

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